About Us


All words used to describe Akribos XXIV products still can't begin to explain the beauty and attention to fashion our products so clearly display. Staying ahead of the fashion curve is bread-and-butter, and our watches do it with breathtaking style and aplomb. We boast a wide selection of headturning styles and pieces in every category. For over a decade Akribos XXIV has consistently performed well for our customers both in North America and around the globe.

With watches for both men and women, Akribos XXIV styles run the gamut from classic, sleek and elegant, to modern, sophisticated and understated; from colorful, fun and sparkly, to trendy and sporty. Akribos XXIV is a proven winner in the marketplace season after season, and year after year. Akribos also recently partnered with Swarovski™ to create a truly stunning line of watches for women featuring the world renowned crystals.