Extremis Collection

Extremis Men's Brushed Finish Multi-Function AK763

This rugged men's timepiece from AKRIBOS XXIV exudes strength and confidence in its solid case desig..

Extremis Men's Chronograph Steel Bracelet AK631

Our version of extreme, the Extremis Collection offers our collectors a sizable option with a variet..

Extremis Men's Dial Calendar AK852

This beautifully rugged timepiece is one of AKRIBOS XXIV's largest creatures. The incredible 48mm so..

Extremis Men's Embossed Dial Chronograph AK861

This rugged AKRIBOS XXIV Men's timepiece is designed and built around a hefty 48mm solid stainless s..

Extremis Men's Glossy Dial Diver Bracelet AK735

Go diving with this bold men’s watch from Akribos!. This timepiece features a rugged 45mm case with ..