Men's Collections

Trek Men's Coin Edge Bezel Bracelet AK917

Solid construction and sporty design - this timepiece is comprised of these key features. The bold c..

Trek Men's Pilot Style Dial Stitched Leather AK938

A pilot style watch is defined by its key features, namely the arrow at 12 o'clock and the large, ea..

Trek Men's Radiant Dial Multi-Function Bracelet AK942

This beautifully crafted Akribos timepiece features a polished 42mm case that is set with a fascinat..

Trek Men's World Map Dial Bracelet AK955

This rugged timepiece from Akribos features a large 45mm solid stainless steel case with a fascinati..

Trek Men's World Map Dial Leather Strap AK915

Fashion and style is determined by the intricate details placed into construction and design. This A..